@[Root] Beverages


Hello root user and welcome!

We here at @[root] have one mission, and thats to provide you with a better-for-you beverage developed specifically with you in mind.

@[root] was developed by a couple of coders that took breaks from sprints to play games. Old arcade games, retro console video games, new RPG’s, moded FPS games, even board games. We would play and drink sparkling waters, energy drinks, coffee, whatever. We thought, wouldn’t it be cool to make a drink that you could crush all day and night long that might actually work better the more you drank it? Like AI that improved itself? Or machine learning DeepCoder like stuff? Better yet, could we build it with ingredients that you could buy from a grocery store? Challenge accepted. Game on.

Wow, were we ever noobs at making drinks. We mixed and mixed ingredients… and, at first, it tasted awful… but it worked. Like debugging code, we kept fine tuning the formula’s taste, but we just couldn’t get it right. That was until we started running out of ingredients and we mixed in a bunch of root vegetables we had around like carrots and ginger. Roots? Like root user? Everything compiled perfectly. In went the eight different root ingredients and they totally harmonized the flavor with the functional formula. We looked at each other and knew we had done it. The secret code was cracked by the roots.

We hope that you love what we have developed as much as we do. We hope that you drink a grillion cans of it a day and it gives you a 4,000,000% performance boost. We hope that you personally win every professional gaming tournament with a controller in one hand and a can of root in the other. We hope that you, juiced up on a case of root, write the first code that passes the Turing Test and you win the Nobel Prize. Just don’t get PWNED live on twitch and call us out – that’s on you.


[volume],[protocol], & [layer]


Follow us to victory!